A new way to navigate the city.



CORO Arm Robot.






UX Design, Product Design, Prototyping Design



Our client NTT Docomo, the main telecommunications company in Japan, challenged us to develop a service or product that created new value for their customers. The work was to be done under the theme of “new ways to navigate the city”. The objective was to come up with a disruptive tool that would take consumers by surprise and clarify the newly value created through it.

After creating dozens of prototypes and exploring a variety of options we identified the challenge with most navigation apps: they are far too cluttered and busy to use while walking around the city. This can be dangerous, especially in crowded stations, at busy crossroads and so on. We needed to come up with something that would solve this problem.

Our final prototype was Gui Gui Navi (produced by NTT Docomo with a slightly different shape under the name Yubi Navi). The device uses tangible feedback to direct users to their destination. As a new communication service that can be used without sight, this product pointed to new possibilities beyond the original problem.