Digital photography transformed into analogic fun.


Printoss / Kiipix



TOMY Company, Ltd.



Product Design



Japan’s biggest toy maker, Takara Tomy, tasked us with helping them develop a new analog smartphone printer, void of the need for electricity. What unfolded, born from our insight is that simply taking a photo with your smartphone and sharing on social media has lost its special appeal. Instead printing that photo and sharing it physically has a value that cannot be replaced.

Printoss allows parents to enjoy the nostalgia of their generation when developing physical photos was commonplace. On the other hand children from a generation accustomed to looking at practically everything on a screen can experience the magic of having a physical photograph made right before their eyes.

In order for consumers to enjoy using Printoss in all kinds of future environments, it was important that the device be easy to carry around. To realize this vision, we created a collapsible form which allows anyone to print their photos quickly and easily. With a few simple steps of opening the device, setting your smartphone on top and pressing the shutter button, you can share a printed photo with friends, family, or anyone you choose.

Challenged to create “something nostalgic and new” we used an adult’s affinity for SNS as a motivation tool. It worked. Printoss sold out in their stores on launch day. Furthermore, we had the honor of Printoss receiving the Japan Toy Award 2017’s Grand Prize.