We bring Japanese innovation to the world.

Design now has a greater role in and stronger impact on industrial competitiveness.


We're here to build the future, starting with Japan.

Ziba Tokyoは日本から価値ある未来を創造できると信じています。

"Not so long ago, you couldn’t mention Japan without mentioning innovation. The economic miracle of Japan after the war reached its peak during the seventies and eighties but, since then, we’ve seen that shine slowly fade.

The glory days of “Made in Japan” are gone. Places like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Shenzhen, Bangalore and Berlin with their disruptive approach, have taken up the baton, while the more conservative companies of Japan struggle to keep up.

Our mission is to bring Japanese innovation back to the world.

Currently IoT connects and segments everything, with AI providing necessary information when needed. What do we need to create a better future, in a time when major transformation is happening across all industries?

Ziba means “beautiful” in Farsi. We create beautiful experiences through design, regardless of discipline: product, digital, service, business, space, and communication.

Beautiful experiences are not just visual, but an intentional mix of sensory experiences and ideas. These intentions emerge from a brand's intent. These experiences appeal to sentiment, a phenomenon brought about through human imagination and empathy.

Most major global companies now regard design as a strategy to create services and systems. It is important for Japanese companies to design systems that enhance their brand, and create new value.

For us, that’s the true meaning of innovation.