Tough drone. Tough Design.






ACSL(Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd.,)



Product Design, Communication Design



While many companies now design and develop drones, our client is one of the few that has built an industrial drone solution, including the only technology N-One. Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory (ACSL) has dedicated research to this technology since 1998, and was fully established as a company in 2013. Its goal was to create a new Japanese industry of aerial machines in the field of agriculture, disaster investigation, infrastructure inspection, and logistics, utilizing distinctive technological innovations.

ACSL asked us for help to do design justice to this never-seen-before technology. The flying machine needed a look that would match its best-in-class technical capabilities. Our task was to make a drone, which is not designed for recreational purposes, and look like the serious, heavy-duty tool that it truly is, while still being sleek and attractive. It wouldn’t be easy, but there’s nothing we like more than a challenge, and this one really got us excited.

During the development of the drone we arrived at the conclusion that it was crucial to make each part accessible and repairable, individually. With this “fragmentation” became the theme of the project. We therefore made the arms detachable and any part that could be damaged easy to replace on the spot. Even the batteries, every part was created to be swappable, making this drone an unstoppable, professional machine.

Because it will be used in tunnels and under bridges with low light conditions, we also put in place a special display device to make sure its visibility was reliable. We call the N-One the “4x4 of aerial construction machines”.