Humanizing robotics.



CORO Arm Robot



Life Robotics Inc.



Product Design, Space Design, Communication Design



The President of Life Robotics, Woo-Keun Yoo once said, “In order to solve the world’s labor shortage problems, and for humans to be free from routine tasks and again be able to focus on more meaningful and valuable work, we will need robots that can cooperate with us in the workplace”.

He also believes that robots, in close collaboration with people, could solve the problem of Japan’s ageing workforce.

To achieve such a magnificent vision, he asked us to design a robot which would have a high affinity for its creators while simultaneously working together with them to add value to their lives.

With this, CORO, the collaborative robot was born. CORO was designed specifically with the aim of communicating with its human partners while working alongside them. CORO, who’s special joint allows it to smoothly operate as if it was a living being, is the only robot in the world that is able to achieve this kind of movement, while peacefully and un-intimidatingly coexisting with its human partners. We kept in mind the fact that CORO would need to share the same space while performing the same every day labor as it’s human counterparts, and designed it to have a clean and organic outer casing hiding all moving and metal parts, while also having the feel and function of a consumer product that anyone can operate.

We were incredibly proud to have the opportunity to create this robot, and join such a project, which looked deeply at the future of our society.