Wearables should be... wearable.



KARADA station



Toyota Tsusho Corporation



Branding Desigin, Product Design, Communication Design



Part of Toyota Tsusho’s business in Japan is in the B2B healthcare market. When Toyota Tsusho came to us, they were already offering wearable technology that allowed users to track their exercise in combination with devices and measurement equipment at the gym. However the main problem they faced was that consumers did not find the design attractive. They asked us to design a new experience that would be more human-centered and in touch with their users.

Through initial interviews and workshops, we were able to understand that consumers desired a sleeker and elegant device. Our insights led us to create a product that people would want to wear throughout the day, even when they were not exercising. We strived to make the design simple and clean so that people would be excited to have it on, and utilized materials that are comfortable and pleasant to wear during exercise.

It had to be more practical than the existing product and usable in a wide range of situations. With this in mind, we designed not one but three types of accessories - a wrist band, clip-on, and a key holder. These options allowed the users to choose the type of accessory depending on activity - such as swimming, running, or yoga.

Creating a brand design that communicated the background of the product was vital. Our team created a new brand philosophy to drive this identity, creating brand guidelines that informed the design of a new logo, website and print materials.