Every screen shape, every possibility explored.


Free Form Display






UX Design, UI Design, Product Design



Not so long ago, a screen was simply a rectangular surface, to which the user experience was limited. That being said, how many times have creatives been asked to “think outside of the box”, even when they had to work inside one?

Circular displays are now on the market, but Sharp wanted to go further and create something that hadn’t been done before: screens in every shape and format. They called them Free Form Displays. Although SHARP had the automotive industry as its key target for the technology, they did not know how to showcase its potential.

After extensive and in depth testing, we developed a set of automotive display concepts that demonstrated the possibilities of the new technology’s hardware and software. Through user testing via sacrificial concepts, and fast and furious prototyping, we were able to understand the true value of SHARP’s technology - eliminate the separation between control and display so that the two elements become almost the same thing, allowing for new modes of interaction and enhanced experiences.

Our long relationship with Sharp meant that the client trusted us and gave us the freedom to turn potential into actual consumer products, and in 2015 we were honored to receive the Good Design Gold Award.