Design Researcher JOB POST


Design Researcher

The role:
We are looking for an individual who will guide and inspire teams into uncovering meaningful user-centered insights that drive great design and innovation for our clients. Ziba Tokyo’s mission is bring Japanese innovation back to the world. As part of a small studio that is still growing, this person must demonstrate a collaborative working style, great communication skills, and have the ability to thrive in a non-rules based environment fostered by creativity.

Why is this role important for Ziba Tokyo's work?
Great design is born out of great research. Our Design Researchers lead clients and teams through a journey to discover insights and inspiration and contribute to all phases of the design process.

At Ziba Tokyo you will:
Design and plan creative research, including sample design, screeners, field guides, etc.
Execute the research, including leading Ziba Tokyo and client teams in the field.
Communicate and tell stories using writing, visuals, and verbal communication.
Work as a bridge between clients and the actual people that they are designing for.
Make research findings relevant and impactful for design through a variety of formats such as insights, decks, stories, videos, experiences, and exhibits.
Synthesize research and findings in order to uncover insights that lead to implementable design solutions.

Previous Projects to Check Out:
Karada Stataion
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Relevant experience and mindset:
Fluent in Japanese & English speaking and writing (this is an absolute must).
3 to 5 years of qualitative research experience in Japan culminating in a sound ability to scope a research process, lead fieldwork, conduct interviews and do desk research.
Ability to work as a bridge between Japanese and western mindsets.
Ability to synthesize research findings, uncover and articulate insights that will inform and inspire design.
High comfort level in working within a self-directed culture and navigating ambiguity.
Openness to critique from other disciplines and curiosity to learn from a spectrum of perspectives.
A multicultural individual who can guide projects in English and Japanese interchangeably. A typical project may require leading clients and researching in Japanese, while synthesizing with internal teams in English, and presenting results in Japanese, or vice versa.
Experience with unique and novel tools and methods to uncover key insights.
Fluency in quantitative research methods. Ability to create and analyze surveys to impact design.
Creative storytelling abilities -- the ability to make an audience think/feel things they’ve wouldn’t have otherwise.
Passion, passion, passion - A  strong passion for improving people's lives through design.

Application Requirements:
To apply, submit a resume, cover letter, and the following Pop Quiz in to

Pop Quiz:
If you were asked to help design a new and innovative movie theater concept for the global market, what types of people, places, and/or things would you look to for design inspiration in Japan?
Please tell us 3 examples (people, places, or things) that you believe can inform or inspire the design of this new theater concept. These examples can be completely outside of the film industry! Provide 3 pictures and a concisely written reflection (in English and Japanese) on each of your examples and why you think they are particularly inspiring.

Ziba Tokyo is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, veteran or military status, unfavorable military discharge, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.