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DAIV Professional Creator Computer



MouseComputer Co.,Ltd. / amana inc.



Product Design



In the development phase of their new brand, DAIV, Mouse Computers set out to create a desktop computer for professional creators and designers. In development, they were able to speak with photographers and creatives working on the front lines of their fields in order to produce a product that was for creatives, by creatives.

We realized very quickly that where we needed to focus was designing a solution to allow mobility for such a high spec device in the most extreme environments. We were inspired by the design of generators, which are easy to pick up and move around (and which aren’t always handled with the greatest of care). We came up with a robust design where the internal components would be protected while it was moved. The result is a strong device that you can carry and move around easily thanks to the handle on one corner and wheels on the bottom.

A front panel, rather than the usual back placement, provides easier access to plug in other devices. Every single detail was carefully crafted specifically for creators who need to work quickly, moving from one studio to the other.