Who said cameras need to be black ?









CMF Design



While many camera brands limit themselves to one style and color (mostly black) for each product, Ricoh has always been interested in creating products that users feel are personal and unique to them.

One way that PENTAX users can enjoy their products is through color. Pentax entrusted us with the mission of creating a CMF pallet (color, material, finish) that would allow their users to feel a higher emotional value and affinity with each new Pentax product. In fact, PENTAX was the first company to offer a customization service using 100 color variations in order to develop a unique production system and technology that can’t be emulated.

Our mission was clear; to leverage this technology to develop a new brand concept, and to bring to life innovation that captured PENTAX’s uniqueness and the attractiveness.

We leveraged Pentax’s manufacturing genius, that has yet to be replicated, and designed their entire CMF criteria to create a stronger Pentax brand of high performance, air tight, rain resistant durable cameras.

With that we came up with three categories for outdoor use: Sport, Nature, and Recreational, in 10 different color variations.

For the Nature category, we made world traveling expedition photographers our focus point in order to design a model specifically for the outdoors. This was inspired by materials such as trees, rocks, and sand, which were extracted from the very same nature scenes that photographers capture passionately with these customized cameras.

We also turned our thoughts to Pentax’s users that love the outdoors, and challenged ourselves to utilize striking neon colors found in nature. From the body color all the way to the grip and feel of the controls we were able to add tangible value through design.